Meet Our CEO 


“Hi, this is a message from Chad, the CEO of Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. We are very excited here at Triumph Consulting Solutions to expand our operations with some of the nation’s largest brands. Our mission is to create a great environment for our team and staff, deliver high-quality results with integrity for our clients, and to experience dramatic growth over the next year to assist our team and our clients in hitting their goals.


My background in business started at an early age when I was growing up in Colorado. I started a lawn mowing business with some friends in my local neighborhood. In my town, we already did these tasks for our own homes so I figured why not make some money out of it. From there, I loved the feeling of creating opportunities for myself using skills that benefitted myself and those around me. My parents were very hard workers so the habits I learned from them directly played into my early successes.


In the industry of client consulting and direct marketing campaigns, I find similar successes. Finding win/win opportunities for customers and clients, working in teams and collaborating, having a fun environment where work doesn’t have to feel like work, having the opportunity to travel as a team to different markets/client meetings, its all very exciting and I love sharing that with the staff here at TCS.


This year, we plan on expanding with our current clients into additional markets, acquiring new clients and campaigns, and more. I am fully invested in making sure we achieve these goals and am excited to see us all grow as we pave the road towards them.”




Meet Our Team