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Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. is actively seeking candidates interested in an Account Manager position to apply now. The position is entry level and one will begin with basic sales training.  Learning how to give presentations to businesses and their employees within the consumer market. An account manager will then learn how to adapt to the fast-paced environment in sales and marketing.  As one begins to take on more leadership responsibilities, they will learn the basics of business management in order to coach and develop others.


Candidates with 0-5 years of experience are encouraged to apply.  Our program consists of training in sales/marketing, team leadership, recruiting and on-boarding, campaign management, analysis and forecasting of our current results, and much more.



The candidates we are seeking will illustrate:

  • Work Ethic – Very much like an athlete, drive for success and never accepting failure, will always raise the bar to gain the results needed

  • Selflessness – Willing to put others before themselves

  • Organized – One who’s put together in all aspects of life.  Has a presence around them that one would want to follow them

  • Social – Interpersonal skills which people around you enjoy, a likable and friendly personality

  • Student Mentality – Ability to learn and want to be educated always having a growth mindset

  • Leadership Minded – one that takes on and welcomes more responsibilities, takes action, and influences those around them

  • Character – Goes back into our core values of integrity and professionalism

  • Self-Motivated – Drive and passion to push oneself without the need of others

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