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Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. is a fast-paced direct sales and consulting firm.  Our clients are well-known Fortune 100/500 companies who specialize in communications. They are seeking new opportunities to increase their market share and value all while building relationships with their targeted market.  


Founded in 2018, Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company, led by a team of goal-minded entrepreneurs.  Our results-driven employees and great client partnerships have helped pave the path for Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. We are a professional workforce hired by clients to attract, engage, and retain loyal, profitable customers. Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. provides face-to-face interactions with customers in a business market. 


Reaching a Deal


To develop an organization of highly successful and profitable branches led by motivated and focused managers.



To provide the opportunity for growth and financial independence based on a proficient marketing approach, diligent leadership, and commitment to standards.



To create a necessity for their services and products by creating proper relationships with their customers and eliminating media clutter.



To consult their businesses with a goal to raise their efficiency and lower their overhead.


Business Brainstorm

Our team members act as brand ambassadors, creating personalized experiences with well-known companies. We know that when our people are thriving in their careers, our clients are happy, and as a result, we all succeed together.


We believe in the importance of expressing appreciation for hard work as well as celebrating achievements large and small. We are committed to bringing out the best in our employees and prioritizing their personal and professional development.


Our charismatic team of professionals ensures that each client and customer receives the respect, courtesy, and attention they deserve.


We empower our team members to have high standards and to always deliver more than expected. A sharp, focused effort to surpass goals and exceed expectations has made Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. an invaluable asset to our clients. 


Go Team


To maintain our long-lasting relationship with clients and clientele, TCS Inc. believes in the utmost integrity in all aspects of our business from customer interaction, to client negotiations, to how we treat people in everyday life.



We expect all members of our team to conduct themselves ethically and with impeccable professionalism.


It is vital that people feel good about where they invest their time and energy. Involved in team activities, philanthropy, professional and personal development conferences, travel, and company outings, at TCS Inc. we create a culture where people can thrive and feel purpose beyond their work routines.